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Employment Services

Career develop skills for future employment and life. MPAC & Obsessions Gifts help persons understand strengthen their lifestyle.

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  • Supportive Employment

  • On The Job vendor with Vocational Rehabilitation, VR

  • MPAC Volunteer


Obtaining OJT and Supportive Employment

  • VR participants can obtain contact their VR counselor to participate with us. 
  • APD waitlist participants contact APD counselor for referral to us.

Modern Creative Office

Success story:  One of our participants gained employment after their volunteer experience with us.  They currently have been employed for a year.  The participant stated they gained confidence through our volunteer experience which led to employment with their current employer. 

Successful Employment

  • Empower s the employee

  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

  • Provides financial independence

  • Increases additional funding streams for social activities

  • Increases saving accounts

  • Expands the employee's work experience

If you are interested, click here to complete the form.  

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