Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities develop core skills for future employment and life. MPAC & Obsessions Gifts help participants understand strengths.

MPAC provides volunteer opportunities that enhances employment in Obsessions Gift Shop. 

Volunteer  -  MPAC participant  (target population) 

  • MPAC volunteers gain a variety of competencies. 

  • Obsessions is an On The Job vendor with Vocational Rehabilitation, VR, and have staff that is a certified Support Employment Provider.  

    • VR participants can obtain a referral from their VR counselor to participate with us. 

    • VR participants can obtain supportive employment. (soon to come)

Success story:  One of our participants gained employment after their volunteer experience with us.  They currently have been employed for a year.  The participant stated they gained confidence through our volunteer experience which led to employment with their current employer. 


If you are interested, click here to complete the form.  



Here's what statistics say about our target population:

  • There will be 5000, 000 adults on the autism spectrum aging  into adulthood over the next 10 years. yet a whopping 85% of college grads affected with autism are unemployed, compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.5%'   

              -2020 Marketwatch, Inc

  • About 70 percent of adults with serious mental illnesses desire work (Mueser et al., 2001; Rogers et al., 2001). n

  • Consumers and families consistently identify finding and keeping jobs as a top priority. n


  • Approximately 60 percent of consumers can be successful at working when using SE services (Bond et al., 2001).   (SE is Supported Employment.  It is an approach to vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities that emphasizes helping them obtain competitive work in the community and providing the supports necessary to ensure their success in the workplace.)

  • The SE model has been the most extensively studied model of vocational rehabilitation for people with serious mental illnesses. Ample evidence supports its effectiveness. A recent review of 17 studies involving employment programs consistently demonstrated that SE programs showed significant advantages over traditional approaches. Across these studies, 58 percent of consumers who were in SE obtained competitive employment compared to 21 percent in traditional programs (Bond et al., 2001).

We also offer opportunities for persons in the community to volunteer. Click here if interested.

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