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Employment Services

Motivating People Through Arts and Crafts, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people through the use of art and creativity. We believe that when individuals are given the resources and tools necessary to reach their full potential, they have the power to transform their lives. Our mission is to provide career development opportunities, foster future-focused thinking, and strengthen lifestyles through arts and crafts.

What we do

 We provide personalized services to empower employees, increase self-esteem and confidence, and expand workers' experiences. Our innovative approach to workplace learning utilizes the creative potential of arts and crafts activities to motivate and inspire your team.
Are you involved with or recieving services from Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).  MPAC/Obsessions Gifts are a provider. Email us for more information.  We also accept private pay. 

Employment Skills

Our Employment Skills program focuses on helping participants develop and hone the skills necessary for finding and maintaining meaningful employment. From career development to on the job training, our program equips participants with the knowledge and resources needed to help them reach their goals.
*We assist in finding employment and accept internships. 
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