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MPAC Artcase

The purpose of Artcase is to showcase the talents and abilities of persons on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse and with disabilities.  Artcase promotes community resources and entrepreneurship.  Vendors consist of persons on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, disabilities, and neurotypicals.   We believe in inclusion.  Vendors create art or non-art that are handmade.  Vendors can choose to sell or display their products.  Businesses that serve the targeted population are welcome to join us.
Artcase was created to showcase the talents of persons with Autism and Neurodiversity.   It is an annual event that officially began in 2022.  During Artcase there were a range of entrepreneurs from established to persons selling for the first time. Local businesses and nonprofits were present and gave participants resources.  Panelist who were Autistic and/or Neurodiverse discussed and answered questions regarding different aspects life on the spectrum/neurodiversity.
Artcase 2023
Artcase 2022
Local Businesses 

Panel of Autism experts

Showcasing Talents
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