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Our Mission

Provide a community where persons on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, or with unique abilities will develop and enhance social skills, employment skills, and entrepreneurship opportunities that can lead to financial stability and social success.


Enhancing friendships/acquaintanceships through arts and crafts with everyone; especially  persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurodiverse, and unique abilities.  Our vision is unity and understanding.

Our Story

We are a mother daughter owned business. Our business supports Autism and is an Autism Friendly Business.   In  2017, we started a business, Obsessions Gift shop,  a gift shop  in Tallahassee, Florida. What started as a hobby has become our passion. I began making jewelry for a Christmas gift for my family and then began selling it to others.  Nijah was about to graduate from high school and I wanted to give her the opportunity to become financially stable. As you may know, the job retention rate among persons with Autism is low.  I  wanted to give her and other the opportunity to showcase their talents through entrepreneurship. So we began Obsessions Gift Shop.  We started selling jewelry at Frenchtown Marketplace; then other marketplaces;  and finally in our shop at Railroad Square. 

We began art workshops with females on the Autism Spectrum due to FSU graduate student who was doing a study on the effects of art and Autism.  In 2020, we founded MPAC, Motivating People through Arts and Crafts.  We now serve everyone, primarily persons on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, and persons with unique abilities. We believe in inclusion and know the world is not made up of all persons on the Autism Spectrum. We want everyone to be able to get a better understanding of each other; make connections; and positive discoveries to build unity. 

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