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Entrepreneurship Workshop & Opportunities

Experience the joy of harnessing your strengths and passions to build a business that truly reflects who you are.  Discover a world where entrepreneurship offers the flexibility, creativity, and financial stability you seek.  Together, let's create a future where independence and success go hand in hand for individuals with Autism.   Unlock a realm of possibilities where your unique abilities are celebrated and your dreams are within reach. 



If you are a client of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) or Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), contact us and we will help guide you. 

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Entrepreneurship in a Local Business

Opportunity to take a passion; turn it into a business opportunity; and sell it in Obsessions Gift Shop, a local business located in Railroad Square.


Opportunity to sell or display products in marketplaces.

Entrepreneurship Classes

Attend innovative entrepreneurship classes that allows you to develop and launch your own products (art or non art related). We offer one on one consultation or group sessions. 

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