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Current Workshops

We believe in inclusion and anyone can attend our workshops. 


MPAC workshops are designed to be inclusive and a place

where persons can be themselves without judgement or

feeling they have to "mask" themselves or their behavior. 

We offer a variety of arts and crafts experiences that incorporate

communication, friendship, social, leadership, and life skills. 

We love building connections and helping people explore their potential. 


636-6 Railroad Square, Tallahassee, Fl 32310  /  Tel. 850-792-2737

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MPAC Community Art Sessions

Come explore different art making practices from round the world​.

  • Be Creative

  • Connect with others

  • Experience a variety of art

February 1st -  March 21st

 Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm. 

*Limited scholarships available

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Vision Art


These sessions will explore a variety of techniques like 3D, self portrait, anime, and creating a comic book.


These sessions are lead by Malachi who is a talented artist; MPAC participant; and  who is currently creating a mural on the wall of Obsessions/MPAC.  



Social Sundays

Join us for a afternoon of playing games and connecting with others.  Third Sundays we will play games and discuss topics.   Come join us for a unique and fun experience.  A variety of board games will be played after the main game.

Art Society At FSU X MPAC

Join us for a night of Spin-Splatter ; decorating cookies; and fun!  

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